• Candle season is here!
Candle season is here! BUYING NEAR YOU!


UPDATE TIME! While many of you have guessed, some have reached out, and some already  know… I finalized my divorce earlier this summer. While Max and I are still healing in our own ways, the show must go on, right? 

After months of trying to adjust and do it all, I had a heart to heart with myself and realized things needed to change. Two things I would not compromise on were maintaining the integrity and quality of my product and making sure my customers had the best experience possible.  A lot of thought has gone into this decision. There were sleepless nights, days crying, and worrying if the business will survive.

Great news, It has! In order to allow me to create the best products possible, I will be focusing on my wholesale customers and making products available at some of your favorite shops. For those of you wanting to still order online, we have you covered too! I am handing off my online sales to not only amazing family friends but also fantastic business owners, Andrea and Dann of Staghorn Mercantile! Head over to Instagram for more info.

To buy Paradox products online, please visit the following link:



Reed diffusers


Paradox’s reed diffusers come in an apothecary inspired amber glass bottle with our signature black label.

Phthalate fee fragrance and essential oil blends.

Designed to go with any decor.


The reed diffuser is meant to be a great alternative to candles, a flameless option.

Provides continuous scent throw.

Make sure and flip the reeds when the scent starts to fade as this will give you a great refresh on the chosen scent.


3 oz. of phthalate free fragrance and essential oil blend in a 4 oz. amber glass bottle.

7 - 10’' Rattan reeds.

Lasts approximately 3-4 months.