Thank you to the following businesses for collaborating with Paradox Candle Co. to design and create private label candles.
Please CONTACT me if you're interested in developing your own private label.
paradox candle co oregon private label Automvttic 
Working with Laura was an absolute dream! An idea to a concept to a produced item felt so effortless! I absolutely love my custom candles and so do all of the people I sold them to. Seriously recommend working with Laura at ParadoxCandleCo for any candle needs!
—Matt, Automvttic
paradox candle co oregon private label pacific holiday
Laura at Paradox is a dream to work with in creating my custom scents for private label candles.  She makes it so easy and seamless from start to finish.  Thank you so much Laura! 
—Allyson, Pacific Holiday
paradox candle co oregon private label white buffalo boutique
I have always dreamed of creating my own signature candle for my little boutique, when I met Laura from Paradox candles she told me that she could make that dream a reality, we worked side by side to create my exact vision she was so sweet and professional and made it such a fun and easy process for me! If you have ever wanted to create your own signature candle I highly recommend Laura at Paradox candles she's the best! Our customers can't get enough of our spun sugar that smells just like you are at the fair! Thanks Laura for making dream come true!
paradox candle co oregon private label essence apothecary
Laura has been absolutely amazing to work with.  When I first reached out, it took less than a week for her to show up at my shop with samples.  Laura was kind enough to let me keep all of the samples which was so wonderful because it allowed me to get some opinions from my customers.  It’s not often that you find a great product and a great owner that is so easy to work with, has excellent follow through and is kind beyond words.  
—Margaret, Essence Apothecary
paradox candle co oregon private label clean slate
Super excited to have Laura at Paradox help me add a line of candles to our home line. The entire process from start to finish was fast, easy, and absolutely seamless. Laura is quick to respond to all correspondence. Every question I had she was able to answer or direct me to the exact resources needed. Her experience was brilliant in tailoring the scents to pair beautifully with my other scented lines. Turn around time between first contact and final delivery was above my expectations. Thank you so much boss're amazing!
paradox candle co oregon private label vintage cottage
Laura, owner of Paradox Candle Co., created a scent for The Vintage Cottage like no other. She worked on the scent, the container and the label until they were all exactly what I wanted. She came up with an amazing scent that sells out every time I bring them back in the store. Not only did she create an amazing scent, she brainstormed with me on naming the candle and we ended up landing on the name she came up with – because she’s cool like that! It was a true partnership, she worked with me, listened to me and wanted to make sure I was completely satisfied with the end result. She even created a label that exudes the scent and name of our candle. So wonderful to work with Laura, she has a passion for her products that drives her to create a product that is as perfect as it can get.
Laura is wonderful. She creates the most delicious smelling candles. She is thoughtful in how she makes her product. And she enthusiastically works to create specific products that celebrate the vendors she works with. I have loved collaborating with her on scents that connect with the coffee shop's Swedish theme. Thank you, Laura, for creating wonderful candles and using your art to support fellow businesses. 
Working with Laura was a DREAM! She was super responsive, attentive to details, always gave me incredible updates, and captured my vision and brand PERFECTLY. Her talent goes beyond candle making — the design process, name, and beyond was such an easeful and most importantly, FUN, process because of Laura. Thank you, Laura, for creating the most perfect scent and for your kindness and communication throughout the whole time! I cannot wait to create another candle with Laura SOON!